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you for joining us. >> thank you very much. stuart: here is a headline for you, jerry brown, governor of california is feeling the temptation to frack. california is indeed sitting on a gold mine of shale oil and governor brown even admits the state's shale reserves presents quote, extraordinary potential. if uberliberal california decides to frack, it's fair game anywhere else. so here is the obvious question, will the governor okay fracking? a leading voice of california will give us an answer to that question and that's coming up at the top of the hour. remember, we always want to hear from you, so send your e-mails right now, please. time for your seven early movers this tuesday morning and surely we've got upside movers with the dow up nearly 100 points and the dow component, travelers posts record profit, raises its dividend and surely it's up, 2%. up two bucks there. texas instruments says demand has increased, but customers are still cautious, nonetheless, the stock is up a little. disappointing profits from rent center. i'm not sure what they do. highe
in the hospital, including four people critically injured, terrell brown in boston and begins our coverage. >> reporter: in this newly released police helicopter video you can see the final minutes of friday's day long pursuit of zokar tsarnaev, his body highlighted by thermal heat imaging. soon after police surrounded him hiding in a boat in a watertown resident's backyard, they sent in a robot to check for explosives but there were none. as officers approached the boat, boston police commissioner ed davis says tsarnaev started shooting. >> no one was struck there but there was gunfire emitting from the boat. it's hard to say where it was aimed. >> reporter: after an hour-long standoff officers fired stun grenades and then apprehended tsarnaev. since his capture he hasn't been able to talk but officials say they believe he and his brother act add loan in monday's marathon bombings. three days after the attack that killed three and injured dozens, the big break came when the brothers carjacked a mercedes suv in cambridge. watertown police chief ed deveau said the vehicle's owner left a cel
to their hometown. >> reporter: the big, brown smiling eyes of martin richard make the sorrow of what happened monday afternoon all the more palpable. the 8-year-old was known as a little league star. >> he was the fastest kid, the tallest on his team. just a marvel to watch on the field. just a delightful young boy. >> reporter: friends say the family went to the boston marathon every year. but one of those twin explosions ended his short life, sending his mother to the hospital with a serious head injury. his younger sister lost a leg. neighbors in this close knit community are now grieving along with martin's father. >> i was outside with my dog. i saw him get out of the car. he was dressed in hospital scrubs and i said, oh, my god, bill, are you okay? and he didn't even answer me. >> reporter: an outpouring of support and prayers for this family. on this facebook page. in a statement bill richards said, we thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers. >> when we would see them, they would all be together, whether it was at church,
of having relatives killed or badly injured. terrell brown picks up that part of the story. w reporter: when lillian campbell picked up the newspaper, she had to think twice about today's headline: "nightmare's end." is this the nightmare over for you? >> no, the nightmare will never ve over. this will never end for me or the family. >> reporter: her granddaughter, krystal campbell, was killed in the marathon bombings. she lived here for two years, s,king care of her 79-year-old grandmother who is on a respirator. >> thank you. k> reporter: family members have come from far and wide for her l.neral. >> a grandmother is not supposed to bury their young children. i shouldn't be going to her wake. she should be coming to mine. >> reporter: the youngest victim was eight-year-old martin richard, remembered by members of his soccer team as cheerful and fun-loving. >> i used to play football with ndm, and he used to always bring the funniness to the game. >> reporter: his alleged killer now in custody, richard's father released a statement: and law enforcement lost one of its own. 26-year-old sean
runners aren't black pore wheat or brown or yellow, democrat or republican. not any other nationality. they are a part of a unique bond that is formed among those who compete 22.6 miles on their feet crossing the finish line is truly he a holy moment to defile the finish line of a marathon is to desecrate the sanctity of our collective soul. boston is a strong city and it is going to recover. but boston, it is hard -- its hard working people and its star royed marathon deserve much better than having mad dogs acting out their perverted religious evil on holy ground. well, we are going to be back live tomorrow night. judge andrew napolitano joining me and we will talk about the prosecution of the boston marathon bombing suspect. "justice"
massachusetts senator scott brown. thank you for being with us. there was the picture i was discussing. there's a local fox reporter that actually took this picture, senator, and you can see the magnitude and the fireball and just how big this explosion was. i don't know if it was the first or the second explosion. we are told that the second might have been a little stronger than the first. tell us about copley square. tell us about this particular area, senator. >> sure. well, first of all, that looks like the first explosion. it's a running store. very close to the finish line, as you all know. listen, that's a very public area, it's an iconic area, the finishing of the marathon has been there forever. i personally have been up and down there, gosh, at least a thousand times. the bottom line is this is something that, quite frankly, is cowardly. and the folks, the person or people that did this need to be held fully accountable. you know, initially, sean, i was horrified. now i'm mad. i'm mad because this type of thing on patriots day, iconic race, boston red socks and shoes, another milli
last night for the vigil for young martin richard, black fies u faces, white faces, brown faces, when i was a kid you didn't have that. it just didn't happen. >> that's what i was talking about last night that whatever is about to unfold is really this city is as diverse as any city. you cannot have that reputation. and we welcome people from all around the world. and nothing will change regardless of who this person is. and that's a message coming from the political leadership. and certainly i think comes from people. i don't think boston is going to feel more paranoid or less welcoming simply because -- or depending on who it is. so that's just sort of a key point to make as we sort of wait for whoever the individual is. >> i think those thoughts will be reflected tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern when the president of the united states and others come to an interfaith memorial service, a special service to remember those who not only were injured but obviously those three individuals who were killed. and we're hoping no more fatalities. there are still and i spoke to a doctor earlier th
, that tells us they've got him. >> one arrest, this vague description of brown skin, whether foreign or domestic. >> and now it is being told to fox news -- to a fox news reporter, indeed, an arrest has been made. >> according to the a.p., the suspect has been taken by u.s. marshals to a federal courthouse. >> we are being told by our reporter that an arrest has been made. >> take a half a step back, this has accelerated incredibly quickly. >> some are reporting an arrest has been made and some are reporting that's not the case. here's the truth, we don't know. >> conflicting reports about an arrest. tom? >> i have actually three separate sources, but two that are very highly placed and close to the investigation that have just told me that there's been no arrest. >> okay, now, that would be, you know, we don't know what's right or not right at this point. as anderson always says, you don't want to go down the road of speculation wrongfully. >> no arrests have been made in connection with the boston marathon bombings and that's all we can say for sure. >> let's take a mom
. every brown person in the vicinity with a backpack was circled and put on the front page. i think you have to question whether this is actually a better way. >> you seem more -- >> it is like a human flesh search engine and there could be terrible repercussions there is a lot of good that comes from looking at images and finding stars and new planets. we don't want to give up on that. you want to have norms and ways of behaving on-line. you are out of line if you are attacking someone. >> i think creating norms is a big part of it. one norm should be don't try to solve a crime on your own. >> right. >> what is fascinating to me as i have been watching the last two or three days is two investigations happening in parallel. the there's the official investigation, and part of what i am dealing with this is the mismatch of supply of information and demand for it and there's the actual investigation going on. and then the parallel, you know, crowd sourced amateur investigation that's going on. it's tempting to want to be part of that. when i was reading that thread, looking at those photos
the opportunity to come to america from her native china. cnn's pamela brown takes a loser clook at who she was and her life that was cut all too short. >> reporter: her sweet smile, bubbly personality, eagerness to help others. just some of the ways those that knew 23-year-old lingzu lu described her. >> her smile was really shy. we all loved her. >> reporter: after starting at a boston university grad student last year, lu quickly became a well known figure in the school of mathematics and statistics where she was studying. >> i admitted her, i recruited her, i welcomed her, i advised her and i taught her. so i interacted with her on so many different levels. >> reporter: her professor said she was an excellent student who had big dreams to study in the u.s. so she could go back to china as a business woman. how hard is that to know what a bright future she had and that's been taken away from her? >> i can't say how hard it is. i mean it's completely senseless. it's -- there's no rhyme or reason to it. it's such a waste. it's such a waste of all the time and energy and dreams that she had
trade continues today. cheryl: brown rice, tofu and out margaritas at schiphol they ran. it will cost between 650 and eight dollars. again, another reason that will probably -- dennis: i don't know why they don't pushed out more. imagine if donald sold beer. new momentum for twitter. they have a big commitment from a big ad buyer. on the rich men will melissa and lori on that big deal. cheryl: braving the airport. some choice words for the faa. melissa francis and lori rothman will take you through the next hour of market now. stay with ♪ w- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. ♪ dennis: let's talk a quick note on netflix and apple. six months ago it felt like netflix could do nothing right and apple could do no wrong. we are watching apple for earnings after the bell to see whether they stumble yet again. cheryl: a lot of big will be coming out after the valve. melissa: huge market they are. welcome.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)